Megapolis Tips and Tricks – How to achieve succes

Megapolis Tips and Tricks – How to achieve succes


To build a city from scratch, maintain it, and make it flourish is a tough task. You need to carefully plan the entire process in Megapolis game so that you achieve success. If you are finding difficulties in reaching new stages of Megapolis then you can refer this guide. Listed below are some important aspects that you must follow for making your game successful.


Set a comfortable speed for your city and plan well on what to build first. It is very important to build the necessary things initially rather than constructing recreational buildings. Also, make sure that you speed up the construction business so that your city starts attracting a good amount of people.

Assets And Achievements:

You will require Assets to complete certain quests that are necessary for unlocking buildings. Assets can be purchased by spending Megabucks. Achievements can be acquired by creating certain buildings or when you reach thresholds by collecting taxes or population counts.

Acquiring Currencies:

Complete as many tasks as possible so that you can earn in-game currencies. Ensure that you tax all your citizens regularly as it is a great way to earn Coins. Moreover, you can even earn currencies by constructing various buildings. Once you earn some Megabucks, it is recommended to use it on land expansions as this is the most vital aspect for growing your city.

Grow Population And Be Friendly:

Build several residential buildings so that people start coming to stay in it. The more the number of people that are staying in your city, the better it will be for your game. In addition, make as many friends as possible because they will help you in achieving success in Megapolis. By adding new friends, you can even earn bonuses.

Patience Is The Key:

Patiently wait in the game for a prescribed amount of time so that you can collect your Coins or Goods. Spending Megabucks for speeding up the process is not advisable. Some players use the trick to increase the date and time setting of their device and then come back again in the game to earn Coins and Goods. You can do that if your conscious permits.

Make Your City Attractive:

You need to plan well for making your city attractive by constructing some beautiful buildings like Eiffel Tower, Supermarkets, Café, etc. These will make your citizens happy. Make sure that there aren’t any unfinished projects in your city. Try to complete all mini-missions available in the game as quickly as possible because they will increase the population of your city and give you some rewards too. Also, keep a track of the top players in the game and check out their profiles. Try to learn from them and make use of their strategies in your game.

Build Special Offices: 

Some of the Special Offices that you can construct in the game are Town Halls and Tax Offices. These will help in enhancing the overall productivity and stability of your city. Ensure that you upgrade the Production Buildings on a regular basis as they will help in saving energy. You can even consider purchasing a complex license upgrade. This will make your city’s energy efficiency better.



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