Megapolis Guide – Get more Megabucks

Megapolis Guide – Get more Megabucks and Coins


Megapolis is an addictive online game where you need to build an amazing city. You will be building the city from scratch and as you keep constructing residential towers and recreational buildings, you will grow your city. To make your city progress, you will require the two main in-game currencies, which are Coins and Megabucks. We hope that this Megapolis Guide will expand your knowledge, otherwise you can still use Megapolis hack to get these currencies.


Coins are the primary currency of the game. You can acquire Coins by constructing buildings, as the people residing there will pay taxes in form of Coins. By constructing Production Buildings, you can earn Coins. In the beginning, you will have to spend Coins for starting contracts in the Production Building. Later on, you will receive a greater amount of Coins upon completion. Even though these do not expire, but you need to check and maintain them on a regular basis. You can even buy Coins by spending real world money. Another way to earn Coins is by helping neighbors. When you complete some achievements in the game, you will be able to earn Coins.

Loads of Coins can even be earned when you reach new levels in the game. In higher stages of the game, you can earn more number of Coins by completing various quests. These extra Coins will help you greatly in making your city flourish. It is recommended to build lots of Office Buildings as they require fewer amounts of Coins to construct. Moreover, you will earn good amount of Coins from Office Buildings. Make use of the City Hall for collecting taxes automatically. This will save a lot of time and will ensure that you have enough Coins in your reserve. Another way to earn Coins is by selling the gifts that are not required by your friends.


Megabuck is the special in-game currency of Megapolis. You can acquire Megapolis by regularly visiting the game, gaining new experience levels, and through contests. Megabucks can also be earned as rewards when you complete some special quest achievements. However, when you complete normal quests or achievements, you will earn Salary as reward. So, do not get confused between Salary and Megabucks.

How To Obtain Megabucks:

Megabucks can be bought by spending real world money. These are subject to changes in Megabucks Specials. The Megabucks Specials are groups of three unique buildings that are available in the game for a limited time period. These are accessible as bonuses for purchasing Megabucks.

Each building can be purchased only by spending real money and not in the standard ways. Moreover, each collection of three buildings is obtainable only for a limited time in the game, which is usually several days. On some occasions, these buildings can even be earned as rewards for completing the construction of certain buildings within a time period.

In addition, Megabucks can also be acquired by exchanging Facebook credit. Coins cannot be exchanged for Megabucks in the game. You cannot send Coins or Megabucks to your friends; however, you can purchase some valuable gifts by spending Megabucks and then send it to your friends.



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