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Megapolis hack

Megapolis Hack and Game Review: Build An Amazing City!

Megapolis is an engrossing online game in which you need to build a city from scratch and make it a flourishing metropolis. The only way to boost population in your city is by building residential and commercial buildings. To make your game simpler we suggest you to try Megapolis hack. Anyway read our little tips and game review below.

megapolis hack

How To Develop Your City?

The only way to develop your city is by growing the number of people staying there. Start constructing new buildings so that people get attracted and start coming there to stay. Each residential building that you construct will attract a certain number of people over a predefined time period. Additionally, you can earn more experience to attract people. Experience can be earned by reaching new levels in the game, building objects, helping friends, registering new citizens, collecting taxes, and much more.

To expand the territory of your city, you can buy the expansions by spending Megabucks which can easily be generated with Megapolis hack. Another option is to get them as gifts by inviting new players to the game. You may also ask a friend to help and send you an expansion. As you keep reaching new stages in the game, the lower level expansions will become costlier, and some higher level expansions will become cheaper.

Ensure that you have enough power plants that will produce electricity for your city. Each building that you build will require some amount of electricity. So, if you do not have enough power plants then you won’t be able to construct new buildings. Similarly, you need to have enough amount of water to build more houses. If you notice that you are lacking resources like water then construct another water tower in your city. This will help you in completing the task of constructing a building.



Distributable Gifts:

Every 8 hours, you can have up to 150 distributable gifts in the game. However, the number of gifts you receive highly depends on your level and number of friends that you have. You are supposed to distribute these gifts to other players in the hope that they will return the same favor. To receive the maximum amount of distributable gifts, you need to have more than 450 friends in the game and you must login to the game at least once in every 8 hours. Only when you return to the game after the 8 hour period, you will be issued with new gifts.

Moreover, the amount of distributable gifts that you can store highly depends on the number of friends you have in the game. If you have fewer friends then once the gifts reach a certain limit, you won’t get new ones. In addition, to get new gifts, you need to give them away to your friends as soon as possible. There are some gifts that are in high demand. You can keep them on hold for some time, and get them exchanged with other players for some other high-demanding gifts. Moreover, you can receive any number of gifts from others but at a particular moment, you cannot see more than 512 gifts in your account. If you are too lazy to do these things you can simply try Megapolis Cheats.

Constructing An Object:

Whether you want to construct a hydro power plant or a beach, you will require certain assets. These assets can be purchased by spending Megabucks (you can generate Megabucks with megapolis hack) or can be obtained from friends as gifts. After acquiring the assets, you need to use them at the construction site. When you have used all assets, the project will be completed or it will unlock a new stage in the game. By completing such projects, you will be increasing your population and increasing reserves for power or water.

Once you have completed constructing an object, you cannot sell it. However, you can delete it if you do not require a particular object. Once deleted, you will get 20% of the initial price, if you had spent Coins on purchasing them. However, if you had purchased with Megabucks then you will not recover anything as it is non-refundable. You can move an object on the map as per your convenience and you can even remove them from the map.


The objects and assets that are available with you can be stored in the warehouse. For that, you need to first build a warehouse and then hire people to manage it. Each warehouse has a limited amount of capacity to hold objects. To increase the capacity, you can add an extra slot by spending one Megabuck. Items that you do not require on the map can be moved to the warehouse for storage.

City Hall:

The City Hall automatically registers newcomers to your city and collects tax from all citizens. For managing all this, you need to hire a tax agent and an employee for registering newcomers. Even while you are away, the tax agent and employee will perform their tasks. So, a City Hall will save you from clicking each building to collect taxes or for keeping a record of newcomers.

Here are some tips to achieve success in Megapolis game:

  • Patience is the key! You need to patiently handle your city. Do not construct buildings just for the heck of it. Build them only if you want.
  • Use your resources and currencies carefully. Coins and Megabucks are the game currency, so their supply is limited unless you use Megapolis Hack 2018. You need to make use of them carefully.
  • Make as many friends as possible. These friends will help you in the game by sending gifts.
  • Use Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for creating innumerable friends in the game.
  • Make your residents happy by building items that they would love to have in their city like power sources, beaches, educational facilities, office buildings, etc.
  • If you build warehouses or industrial buildings near residential buildings then it can have a negative effect on the people living in those areas.
  • Train the workers and employees so that they construct buildings quickly.
  • To decrease the usage of power in buildings, you can upgrade them with solar panels. This will give maximum amount of energy saving but will cost you a lot of in-game currency.
  • Keep making improvements in your city so that it becomes one of the best cities in the world of Megapolis.

Overall, Megapolis is an interesting and engrossing game that will keep you busy for several days. As there is no upper limit to the number of levels in the game, you can enjoy playing Megapolis till your heart desires and if it get’s harder just start using our Megapolis hack tool!